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Shiatsu is a gentle Touch Therapy. A receiver wears loose clothing.

With adults it is practised on a soft mat and with children, in a more dynamic play setting though sometimes also on a mat.


*Shiatsu finds interest in the tiny differences in muscle tension and release. It can help a person to breath from a deeper place and to make use of the support around them. A treatment is a way to explore this.


*The involvement of the receiver is as much a part of this process as the involvement of the therapist. Shiatsu is about listening to the body not as a problem but as a movement. A person wants to feel this movement- however small or large- in themselves and others. 

*By recognising this movement it is then easier to be settled and to be still.


*Therapeutic Touch is able to address pain, stress and tension and to give more space for anyone wanting to experience more fully their own present situation. 

*By noticing what happens in a treatment session there can be a renewed interest and enthusiasm for the small details of life. 



I run a Private Shiatsu Clinic in both Hackney and Shoreditch for Adults.

Please find out the times and fees of the Clinic by going to the Events page.

Please Contact me via the Contact page to make a booking.


Please go to the Events page for details of private treatments and to the 

Schools Hand and Sky page for Schools programs.


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