In The Loop



We may fall in towards each other, support and guide one another, give into gravity or spin into lightness in this constant rearrangement. We may cross paths or walk away. Turn and reinvigorate the dance together.


It is about moving into situations and drawing on the pleasure of an immediate response; Going where that takes us without having to know exactly how or why. It is a place for acceptance. A play of distances and closeness.


It is suitable for anyone no matter how or why they move.


It is suitable for touch-sensitive people because when touch is used as a dynamic and listening support for movement and rest it is acceptable because it is clear. It becomes capable of holding interest and of building trust.

There is time to experience things and to anticipate changes or to make them happen. 

Through an increased sense of relaxation and spaciousness there is a chance to enter into flexible and creative play. This enhances communication and Well-Being.


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