In The Loop



A way of meeting in the moment

*I work with children with a range of difficulties including Epilepsy, Autism, ADHD and problems with the central nervous system which compromise standing, walking and sitting. I have worked with nursery age children from about three years upwards and with primary age children.

*My approach is to engage with a child at a point which is easy and enjoyable for them and so to encourage expansion from a safe and familiar place. That involves setting up an open environment with areas of interest; coloured cloth, objects with interesting textures, musical instruments, exercise balls.

*Gradually a relationship builds up based on everything that happens in the space. This becomes a kind of mapping where repeated interactions occur from week to week allowing for a safe and trusted context for change and innovation in communication, ideas and emotional presence. This is always tried out and realised through physical dynamics and the points of rest and relaxation that this allows. 

*Although I work on what is weak or tight, I engage with what is positive and open because this is a central part of who we are and who we need to be.

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