In The Loop


Sound reaches a child wherever they are.

 It comes from within and it comes from without. 

It surrounds a child and it is interesting to them because it is not always the same. 

It is there and gone and then back again but in a different way. We weave patterns together with sound. The threads all of a sudden become a fabric; something substantial and real.

Making sounds together is our first play. We copy all the small sounds around us; dogs barking, engines revving, babies crying, people talking or laughing, radios going, bird-song.

These guide our ways of using our voices together; of stopping and starting and changing speeds. 

Playing with sounds is a way to play with relationship; of staying in contact in different ways.

There is a soft and wide attention between sound and silence which is the same as between touch and no touch.

There is space to let things arrive and to let them fade out again without regret and with continued hope. 

Sound accumulates in us as a shared atmosphere. 

We are in it and of it.

Sound calls us into this presence as a way of playing together.

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