In The Loop



........Training and Therapy Network........

For Early Years School Learning Assistants and Children with PMLD

Touch Feedback: Communication

Voice Modulation: Positivity

Dynamic Interaction: Shared Interest

Postural alignment: Composure

Breath: Relaxation



A Three Month weekly Training Program in which Learning Assistants gain confidence in small practical steps within the context of working with a specific child under their care. They gain skills and the confidence to apply and pass on what they have learnt in other situations in the class-room and playground.

A Learning Network evolves and Learning Assistants learn to assist in teaching other Learning Assistants at their school and in creating an on-going link with Parents.  

A dialogue is opened up based on Sensory and Kinaesthetic approaches adapted to the needs and interests of a unique and diverse blend of children.  


This Child Centred approach draws on:

*Therapeutic Touch





1. Sensitive Timing is the key that connects all these practises. Training sessions are practical, interesting and fun, with long-lasting implications for the well-being

of children and adults alike.


2. No previous experience in these techniques is assumed when training adult carers. The care connection that they already have with the child is the foundation on which everything else builds.


Parents will be invited to later sessions to learn and to share their ideas and insight.

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